Advice for dating arab men

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I mean if you are conviced that he is a good man then don't be affraid to take the trip 😊 Good luck thanks for reply Samix... First of all you need get straight answers and know that the person is not married as well before there is more trouble involved don't get involved into lying men.

i don't know what to believe, i am scared that next year he will go forever.we will broke up..☹️ i don't know what will happen..i can't image my life without him, this summer he was in his country, is from Israel..i was waiting for him 2 months..much for me ☹️ the bad part is that he is living at village and he is the younger brother and he can't leave his home..i know that for muslims family is too important but anyway...i don't think is good to live with his parents, when are many differences and maybe we will not understand..🙁 but first, i have no idea if i will stay with him or not after this year..because he said at the beginning that he will not marry me,never...😭 and now that time pass away i am scared to ask him again,what he think but us... I was also dating an arab and like you he also made me meet his family. And now he has left me saying his parents dont approve of our relationship even after puttng a ring on my finger and talking to my family. If he is now serious means he doesn't want to marry you find right person who is not married Not really men from different cultures want their girfriends to meet their moms, why you ask because they want their mother's approval.

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One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is that protecting a woman’s virtue and reputation are of utmost importance when it comes to dating.

However, the concept of dating an Arab woman is different depending on the region and the information below may be helpful to any man interested in dating an Arab woman.

hmmm...🙁 @Maddelline I'm muslim and I can confirm you first that from a purely religious point of view, there's no obligation for a muslim's wife to be MUSLIM but she has to be a BELIEVER and since you are christian I think there's no problem at all.

I've seen a lot of hot Arab guys with American girlfriends or girlfriends who aren't Arab Muslims, but I keep hearing not to take them seriously or get attached because they will not marry a non Muslim girl or take her very seriously. Arab girls, your advice or thoughts are very welcomed as well.

In most cases, they won't let her anywhere near their friends and family! I heard one story about a woman who fell in love with an Arab man, she traveled with he and his family, they loved her, until he proposed. It just really sucks because I would consider having a serious relationship with an Arab guy and it's pretty disheartening to think that most of them wouldn't reciprocate that. Any girl who's ever dated an Arab, what was your experience like?

I mean I know there are bad apples in every group, but I don't know there's just something about a lot of Arab guys that I've met. Any female would feel like sh*t if she prusued a relationship with a guy who shows the behavior knowmeyourself mentions, fell for him, gave into her sexual desires and chose to sexually please him, only for him to feel that she's disposable!

I really love how a lot of them were raised to treat women like queens.

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