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Somebody needs to go in and hack the game in order to find these codes, of course, but in general they seem to be be prepared to share the codes they find quite readily.

Aside from cheat engines, players can sometimes discover and exploit loopholes that are occasionally found in the games.

It may be that “War Commander”, which is the case study here, is a unique case; and it may be that strategy MMO’s might have different dynamics than other games (and if so, please let us know in the comments section).

With its ability to connect large numbers of gamers together across the globe, Facebook is the ideal multiplayer gaming platform.

The underlying concept is this: if you can hack into the game – typically flash based – in the browser and determine the codes/variables that govern the various game elements, you can change these at will.

You can change the amount of gold you have, the number of troops/tanks/planes/etc.

Someone will discover, for example, that if you start building a certain unit or resource, then cancel it at a certain point in it’s development and exit to the map screen, that the item will have been built the next time you re-enter your base, or something similar to this.

This article aims to shed light on why this is so, as well as the implications of cheating on Facebook gaming in general.

The average user can do this using ‘cheat engines’ that are in most (though not all) cases available for free.

However, cheat engines need to be ‘fed’ certain codes, as it were, in order to work: to change anything you need to know which values to change. Typically, they are plastered all over forums or Facebook, or shared by players and their friends.

Cheating on Facebook games is a hard subject to tackle because it takes several forms, from the more ‘acceptable’ form of creating several accounts (which is not the one we are concerned about here) to the proliferation of ‘cheat engines’ that mostly operate locally, on the user’s individual machine.

These are designed to change variables such as increasing one’s gold or resources, or accelerating repairs or upgrades so that they take seconds rather than weeks.

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