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But although they may be enjoying their life experiences, some of the locals are not so happy with their behaviour and concerns are growing over a native backlash against their backpacking visitors.

"They are young, they are out late, they are drinking hard, many are taking drugs, they are away from home and they are often making noise well into the night at 24-hour bars.

As a result, some of Irish travellers in the area have said they have experienced a backlash from some locals.

"I've been in Australia for over six months now, and in Sydney for over two.

"I came back later and dealt with another cop and got the form signed, but it is clear that they [the local Australians] are not so happy with the Irish," he added.

Mr Cantwell said: "I haven't heard of that problem being widespread, but in fairness to them the cops in that area probably deal with their fair share of trouble." Given how poor things are economically in Ireland, many are now also looking to extend their stay in Australia, where the economy has been shielded from the worst of the recession, adding to the congestion in backpacker hotspots.

Tellico Village is an incorporated community on the western shore of the Tellico Reservoir in Loudon County, Tennessee.

But we take the issue very seriously and we want to ensure our customers enjoy themselves." A local police source agreed."There is no doubt, many have been told by their parents not to come home because there is nothing to come home to," said Mr Cantwell."Given that the Australian economy is now talking about booming again, many are seeking to stay on and ride it out." Usit, which organises working holiday visas for tens of thousands of people every year, is reporting a 700 per cent rise in interest for its volunteer programmes, which enable people to volunteer for work abroad for a year or more."Often on a Saturday night in the nearby A&E, you could have an Irish nurse treating an Irish patient," said Mr Cantwell.Echoing Mr Cantwell's comments, Patricia Murphy, marketing and entertainments manager at the Cock'N'Bull bar at Bondi Junction, a major haunt for Irish backpackers, said that noise and the threat of drunken violence involving backpackers is a constant problem for bars in the area.

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