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(7) We designate those women as procuresses who prostitute other women for money....(9) Where one woman conducts a tavern, and keeps others in it who prostitute themselves, as many are accustomed to do under the pretext of a employing women for the service of the house; it must be said that they are included in the class of procuresses....It is also the basis of law in Louisiana and Quebec.In fact the only legal systems that rival Roman law in usage are the Anglo-American "common law" tradition, and the Islamic Sharia.Where a son, being compelled by his father, marries a woman whom would not have married if he had been left to the exercise of his own free will, the marriage will, nevertheless, legally be contracted; because it was not solemnized against the consent of the parties, and the son is held t have preferred to take this course.Where a general commission has been given to a man by someone to seek husband for his daughter, this is not sufficient ground for the conclusion a marriage.In the Thirty-fifth Section of the Lex Julia [a law of Augustus in 18BCE which made marriage a duty for Roman patricians], persons who wrongfully prevent their children, who are subject to their authority, to marry, or who refuse to endow them, are compelled by the proconsuls or governors of provinces, under a Constitution of the Divine Severus [r. It must be remembered that it is not one of the functions of a curator [legal guardian for a minor] to see that his ward is married, or not; because his duties only relate to the transaction of business.This Severus and Antoninus stated in a Rescript [a response to legal questions from officials] in the following words: "It is the duty of a curator to manage the affairs of his ward, but the ward can marry, or not, as she pleases.

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It is understood that disgrace attaches to those women who live unchastely, and earn money by prostitution, even if they do not do so openly. VL - t.2 UR - https:// PB - In Aedibus Mouchianis, CY - Florentiae, PY - 1767 N1 - Dedication signed: Saverio Manetti, Lorenzo Lorenzi, Violante Vanni. p.: Storia naturale degli uccelli trattata con metodo e adornata di figure intagliate in rame e minate al naturale. KW - Birds KW - Pictorial works ER - TY - BOOK TI - Ornithologia methodice digesta, atque iconibus aeneis ad vivum illuminatis ornata. The texts here address the issue of marriage, and date back particularly to the time of Augustus [r.27BCE-14CE] who was very concerned about family matters and ensuring a large population.

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