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It's about an out-of-work ad executive who's forced to take a job teaching on a military base who resorts to Shakespeare to get through to his "dummy" recruits, and it has the best rendering of Henry V's St.

Crispin's Day speech I've ever heard, spoken, as it should be, by a soldier.5. No, not the Kenneth Branagh one, or the Laurence Olivier, or even the Mel Gibson one (which isn't all that bad, surprisingly.) This is the Ethan Hawke one, set in modern-day Manhattan, with polaroid photos of flowers, surveillance bugs, and corporate takeovers.

July 20 - Website Update - Injuries August 3 - Surgery Update September 16, 2016.

Some sites are listing it as January, 2016, but the fall 2016 date is the correct one (although Goodreads lists it as October 18, 2016).

I loved the stagehands, who would fit perfectly in Shakespeare's comedies, and the dancing by Sisqo, as well as the story, which is still great after all these years.7. This was the first Heinlein book I read, and the first science fiction book, and it's still my favorite, partly because of the critical part Shakespeare's The Tempest plays in saving the Earth--I mean, if you were called on to defend the planet, wouldnt' Shakespeare be our best bet?

This book was my first exposure to Shakespeare (except for my ninth-grade class's reading of Julius Caesar, which should NEVER be taught to anyone under the age of thirty) and to The Tempest, and I fell in love with them as well as with science fiction. Martin's Not a Blog for more information and the full list of contributors.

The "play within the play is a video montage," the ghost is on closed-circuit TV, and Hamlet does his "To be or not to be" speech in a video store, surrounded by shelves labelled "Action."6. A not-quite-as-good update as 10 Things I Hate About You, but very fun, this is an update of A Midsummer Night's Dream, set in a high school that's doing a production presided over by Martin Short, as a director with dreams of glory, both past and present.

Kirsten Dunst is great as a modern-day Helena, who really likes Ben Foster, but he's hung up on Melissa Sagemiller.

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Here's links to the two updates on the Connie blog.

Relative Error would be somewhat the inverse of, but definitely comparable to, this trope.

Platonic Life Partners is a sub-trope in which the characters are not only close, but their relationship is the primary one in their lives.

Fanfics may convert such a bond onto characters for one of two reasons: to make up for the characters' lack of actual siblings, or to justify unwanted attachments for the sake of shipping; the unwanted character needs not die for the ship.

Connie recently suffered a bite from a bat as well as an injury that required some surgery.

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