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Are you up for going on that unique trip that almost no one has done before you?The problem might just be finding the right destination.The least visited country in the world may not be the one you would think. To figure out where I eventually want to go on proper holiday.By: Gunnar Garfors who visited every country, set a Guinness World Record by travelling to 5 continents in 1 day, beat a Recordsetter world record by visiting 19 countries in 24 hours and wrote “198”, a book about it all. I have conducted thorough research through visits to all 198 countries of the world – and even written a book about it. I often wondered which countries are the very least visited ones. UNWTO, World Tourism Organization has a pretty good overview.And relax in semi-modern Bangui where you’ll find French cuisine and a bakery. There’s no airport in the landlocked neighbour of Switzerland and Austria.What else Do not take photos of locals unless they give you permission to do so. There’s a heliport though, so if you are among those with a bank account here you may still come and leave airborne.The most visited of those has 73,000 foreign tourists in a year, the least visited less than 200.That is way behind number one, France, with 79.5 million annual foreign visitors: Why so few?

And the rural feel of the island nation makes it feel anything but touristy, exactly what you may be looking for.Why you may still want to visit Fantastic scenery which is great for hiking and treking. What else Getting a visa is easy for most nationals.You get it in exchange for 30USD upon arrival at the airport in Dili. You have to go through a process to get a visa and travel permits to the country.Remoteness, visa regulations, governments, available travel information and how many visitors I see on my travels give me a certain idea, but what do the statistics say? Some countries, especially some of which are likely to receive very few visitors per year, are still left out, which means that the information must be found elsewhere.I have found info on the remaining ones from various sources, such as newspaper articles or independent travel reports.

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