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This is going to be long and drawn out, perhaps even a little painful.By doing it this way though, we are going to get use a number of different commands.99% of the time I just use the main function without any options and it is as simple as following steps: ......3..0020 92 4b 0b f8 cd 6a 00 2c 18 a3 03 b9 00 24 2c ef . 0030 7f 2e c0 ff f3 f8 b4 1c df 1d 8e 01 3d f4 12 10 ............=...

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The offsets are used to track the bytes, so offsets must be correct. An offset of zero is indicative of starting a new packet, so a single text file with a series of hexdumps can be converted into a packet capture with multiple packets. These are interpreted according to the format given on the command line (see -t).They tell exactly what is really going on and whether the configuration or changes are working as expected or not.Sometimes an engineer needs to look at packet captures taken from devices that don’t generate files directly.This challenge was a little harder than the previous ones.It seems a lot of people had a hard time taking the hex dump of the packets and converting them into pcap format. This way everyone will still be able to try to find out the answer themselves.

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